What have I been up to…picture frames.

Other than being an artist one of my few marketable skills has been as a picture framer. I worked in or ran picture framing shops for over twenty years before I decided to become a stay at home dad.

Four years ago we added an addition onto our small home and one of the things I wanted was a nice basement space that I could use for a picture framing workshop. Slowly I’ve been trying to add tools and a few pieces of equipment to the workshop.

Here are a few examples of framing projects. I guess I should develop a business plan and start advertising if I want to grow my business. Maybe in the new year.








Framing paintings.

Long Series.

Long Series.

I spent a bit of time picture framing today. This is an early Long Series painting.



I decided to use a standard 16×20 inch frame. I centered the painting in the middle of the mat. Normally I would use a square frame for these paintings, but the ready made 16×20 frame works well too.



For many years my day job was as a picture framer, and then when we had our first child we decided I’d stay home with our daughter while my wife went back to work.

I’ve always intended to go back to work, and the problem is deciding what I want to do when the time comes. I think I’d like to start some form of a small business that combines picture framing, and so I bought my first piece of serious equipement. A logan mat cutter. Next I need a saw…and framing supplies.

When my son starts school in two years I hope to be able to set up some form of framing business that is aimed at other artists…a framing consultant who helps other artists get their exhibitions ready.