The world’s most boring blog post. Valuable tools.


I believe every artist’s studio has an ltem that many people might consider as junk, and that the artist might consider as a valuable tool. I have several battered and stained pieces of wood that I would greatly miss if I threw them out. I use them as cutting boards, and as paper weights.

Making my own painting tools. A wooden paintbrush.

I recently bought a wooden paint scraper at my local hardware store. It’s used by house painters, and it doesn’t gouge wood. I found it to be very useful in my studio, and it quickly became one of my favorite tools. I use it like a brush and a painting knife, and it also works as a burnisher.

I decided to try and make my own versions using pine, 1/4 inch doweling, and a bit of glue. I cut the pine with a handsaw, and drilled a 1/4 inch hole deep enough to hold the dowel. I put glue in the drilled hole, stuck in the dowel, cut the dowel to a comfortable length, and let it dry. It works well with oil paint, and because the paint will stain it I made several for different colours. It probably isn’t something that is to the taste of many painters, but maybe some will find uses for it that I haven’t thought of.