A ( Tuesday) Wednesday List; 10 week roundup.



Yes I know it’s Tuesday, but it’s ten weeks since I started my Wednesday list of ten things I like. So here is one thing I really like from each list. If you had to list ten things you like what would you say?

1. DanielSmith.com. Daniel Smith Artist Supplies is located in Seattle, Washington, and has been a reliable source of art supplies for many years. They make their own great line of artist supplies that are always of the highest quality. They ship fast. Ask for a catalogue and if you ever order from them, it is amazing.

2.  Rembrandt’s self portrait Artist in his studio 1628. I love Rembrandt’s later self portraits, but I’ve always loved this little painting. Here a young Rembrandt presents himself in a heroic pose. Yet the shabby setting and ridiculous costume really show a young artist dreaming of future riches.

3. Arches watercolour paper. Many people who begin painting with watercolours often complain about how difficult and unforgiving the medium can be. What I find is many beginners try to save money by buying cheap materials. The advice I give anyone who wishes to start painting with watercolour is to use good-quality materials, especially to start with artist-quality paper. Most cheap watercolour paper will not forgive reworking or wet washes, and the surface will start to come apart, and the colour will most likely just sit on the surface and you won’t be able to layer delicate washes before the colours start getting muddy.

4. Cinnamon Sugar Crinkles. My wife made these cookies on the weekend, and they are fantastic. The recipe is from the most recent issue of Canadian Living. Jane adapted the recipe, and made them gluten free. The kids didn’t like them because there are no chocolate chips in them so We had to eat them all. I like that the kids didn’t like them!

5. Twilight Ladybug. This is a great toy. It is a ladybug that serves as a night light, and the neat thing is that the light projects the moon and stars around the room. The colours of the light – red, blue,  and green – can be changed by pressing a button. It shuts off automatically after an hour. My daughter loves it and finds it very relaxing.

6. Book stores. One of my favorite things is to wander around a bookstore looking for something interesting to read.  Charlottetown is lucky to have several interesting book stores, and oddly three of them are on the same block.

The Bookmark is my favourite seller of new books. They have a great selection, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

The Bookman is a great store to find used books. They have a large inventory, and you can always find some interesting treasure, and they have an incredible selection of art books.

The Book Emporium. A small store stuffed with lots of great books. I often find great paperbacks and children’s books here, and they also have a good selection of art books.

7. Bick’s Kosher Style Baby Dill Pickles. I love pickles and these are my favorites. They are sure to make a snap when you bite them, and they are great with everything. Except coffee. I once ate a pickle while drinking coffee and it wasn’t good.

8.  Sheds. I love having a shed. We have a sad, falling-down shed, but without it we would have nowhere to put our extensive collection of junk. One day I will build a new shed, an uber shed, a shed that will be a work space and studio, a shed men dream of and tell tall tales about, and I will probably stuff it full of junk.

9.Waking up in the morning. There are two things I really like about waking up in the morning. The first is that it means I’ve actually managed to get some sleep, and with two small kids I seem to need more sleep than I actually get. The second is that it means I’m not dead, and I really enjoy not being dead. Not being dead means I get to do all kinds of cool things I really like, such as sleeping.

10.The Beatles. I’ve been listening to this band all my life and will continue to do so. They are simply the best band ever. My favorite Beatles album is The Beatles also know as the White Album. It is possibly one of the most successful train wrecks in recorded music. I love most of the tracks on this double album and truly hate others. My favorite Beatles song is A Day In The Life. If you don’t like The Beatles you don’t like music.

A Wednesday list of ten things I like.

This is not a top ten list, but rather a totally random list of things I like. listed in alphabetical order of course, and complete with links where possible.

1. Cats. I’ve always been a cat person, and I’ve had many cats. Some have had more personality than others, but I’ve enjoyed them all. The cat we have now is a great little black and white cat, and I’ve grown to like her even more lately. With two small kids in the house our cat has shown great patience, and affection to the kids. Any cat willing to be carried around upside down by a 4 1/2 year old, and petted with a brush by a 17 month old is all right by me.

2. Canada. I love Canada, it’s a great country, and I hope it will still be a great country to live in four years from now. Monday I felt panic; now I feel resigned to fate. If one thing can be learned from Monday’s election  it is time for the New Democrats, Liberals, and Greens to discuss forming a new party. One that a majority of Canadians can support. Right leaning Liberals seem to have thrown their support to the Conservatives and good riddance to them.

3. Dr Who. I’ve been a long time fan of Dr Who, and Matt Smith who plays the 11th Dr is doing a great job of escaping the very large shadow of David Tennant. Matt Smith seems to be able to make the Dr seem like an old soul, and he is lucky to have one of the best companions in many years played by Karen Gillan. But I have to say that David Tennant owns the role and will probably always be remembered as the greatest Dr.

4. Jenn Grant. I have to admit I’m a bit biased where Jenn Grant is concerned but she is one of the finest singer songwriters in Canada. Her stage show is always great, and she always delights the audience with her amazing voice and personality. “Getcha Good” is one of my favorite of her newer songs and one of her best videos.

5. Kevin Henkes. Over the years I’ve read thousands of children’s books to my daughter and son, and one writer who really stands out is Kevin Henkes. His stories are heartfelt without being overly sentimental, and he is a great illustrator with a wonderful sense of line and colour.

6.Hot Dogs. Summertime comes and it is the season for one of my favorite junk foods. I love BBQing , and I always enjoy a BBQ hot dog with lots of onions, relish, and a cold beer. Sometimes on a Saturday I find myself wandering to the hardware store hoping that a sports team is having a hot dog fundraiser in the parking lot. The only problem is that I spend the rest of the day having hot dog burps.

7.Olfa HandSaver. This is a great kraft knife to have in the studio. It is heavy enough to cut matte board and is great for delicate cutting. It fits nicely in the hand and is safe to use. If the knife is used properly the blade doesn’t slip.

8. Optimism. I like optimistic people and I think I’m an optimist. Sometimes optimists can be amusing. For instance, there is no one more optimistic than a Toronto Maple Leafs fan during golf season.

8. Rives BFK drawing paper. This is a lovely and beautiful drawing paper. It is a versatile paper suitable for drawing, printmaking, and monoprinting.

9 .Sidewalks. I enjoy walking and I love sidewalks. They are great for standing around on and talking. They can also be used for bouncing things on, drawing on, hopscotch, and removing unwanted flesh from your knees. In Charlottetown we have fairly good sidewalks, they could be a bit wider, and in a bit better shape, and there could be more.

10. Waking up in the morning. There are two things I really like about waking up in the morning. The first is that it means I’ve actually managed to get some sleep, and with two small kids I seem to need more sleep than I actually get. The second is that it means I’m not dead, and I really enjoy not being dead. Not being dead means I get to do all kinds of cool things I really like, such as sleeping.