The Small Pop Up Gallery Presents Jesse Whittle.


Jesse Whittle

Jesse Whittle

The Small Pop Up Gallery is proud to present the work of Tulsa Oklahoma artist Jesse Whittle. The Small Pop Up Gallery featuring Jesse Whittle’s work can be viewed at the offices of the PEI Council of the Arts at 115 Richmond Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

JESSE WHITTLE is a Tulsa resident. He received his B.A. from St. Gregory’s University in Studio Art. He has won several awards, including a purchase award at the Young New Collectable Artist show at the JRB art at the Elms gallery. Previously Jesse has taught art at Gilcrease Museum, Philbrook Museum of Art as well as 6 th , 7 th and 8 th grade at Mannford Middle School. Jesse has exhibited at a number of group and individual shows around the state, particularly in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

ARTIST STATEMENT My art practice is drawing and painting. In my work I create compositions that emphasize interrupted and implied forms. These forms are the result of editing. With each layer of paint I overlap or conceal, the painted surface is built up into uneven fragments. What’s left behind constitutes anxiety, apprehension and shame. I utilize multiple mediums including acrylic, watercolor, Chinese ink and spray paint. Recently, I have become interested in creating tension between approach and meaning. I aim to scrutinize my own sincerity, happiness and self-esteem in order to establish and distort my system of creation. The contradictions in my work reinforce issues of trust and self-loathing.

The Small Pop Up Gallery is a roving curatorial project in the City of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada that utilizes borrowed and found spaces to present contemporary artwork.


The Small Pop Up Gallery Presents David T Miller!

David T Miller

David T Miller

The Small Pop Up Gallery is proud to present the work of Ambler, Pennsylvania artist David T Miller. The Small Pop Up Gallery featuring David’s work can be found at The Bookman, the coolest used bookstore in Eastern Canada. The Bookman is located at 177 Queen Street, Charlottetown PEI, Canada

David T Miller

David T Miller 4×5 inches on canvas

Artist Reflection

“My current work is not about anything. It is simply a call and response practice of placing marks and color on a surface. I essentially collaborate with myself. I begin a number of pieces and set them aside to dry. l pick one up and add some sort of embellishment and put it back down. I pick up another and do the same thing until I get to a point where I don’t feel compelled to add further embellishment. Eventually the whole group reaches a state of “completion” in my mind. I tend to view the groups as representing a month’s work of activity.”


David T Miller

David T Miller 4×5 inches on canvas

“I enjoy looking at the groupings after they have been made trying to learn more about myself, my process and my practice. I’m often surprised by the habits and characteristics I see. I never intended to make so many dots and don’t think of myself as painting dots when I’m doing them. Dots, stripes, triangles, circles, saw teeth and edges are not things I intended to use and they are not things I think about as I paint, but they have become integral to my current vocabulary. I recently noticed the Oaxacan wood carvings I have in my house that I take for granted and realized the apparent influence I had overlooked.”


David T Miller

David T Miller 4×5 inches on canvas

“The grid display is another accidental, but characteristic I’ve observed. That is how I arrange things that I am working on and that is how things are displayed on the gallery page of my website. In 2012 I participated in the All Together Now collaboration exhibit in Bushwick organized and curated by Julie Torres. I spread my work out on the floor of the gallery in the same grid relationship I had originally organized at home. Julie didn’t edit or change a thing. She wanted the same grid on the wall. At the time I wasn’t cognizant of what was going on in my own practice. Julie inadvertently helped me learn something about myself.

The same can be said about the collaboration idea. When I participated in the group collaboration process in Bushwick I realized my personal process was identical to that outlined by Julie for the group.”

David T Miller

David T Miller 4×5 inches on canvas

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Artist Blog: David T Miller’s Musing

The Small Pop Up Gallery Presents. Diane Englander!

The Small Pop Up Gallery. Diane Englander.

The Small Pop Up Gallery. Diane Englander.

The Small Pop Up Gallery is proud to present the work of New York artist Diane Englander! The Small Pop Up Gallery featuring Diane’s work can be found at Beanz Espresso Bar at 38 University Ave, Charlottetown, P.E.I .

Diane Englander. Red on Buff. 6x6 inches mixed media on paper.

Diane Englander. Red on Buff. Mixed media on paper. 6×6 inches.

Diane Englander.Lines in Red. Mixed media on paper 6x6 inches.

Diane Englander. Lines in Red. Mixed media on paper 6×6 inches.

A native New Yorker who works in NYC and Southampton, NY, Diane Englander had an earlier career including 17 years as a management consultant to local nonprofits concerned with poverty or disenfranchisement; work in NYC government; and several years as a lawyer at a large NYC law firm.

“I was brought up going to galleries and museums, a sometimes reluctant attendant to my parents’ passion for looking and for collecting. My own expressive energy must have simmered internally for years, occasionally emerging in photography, in quilt-making, in other tentative explorations, and certainly in providing opportunity and materials for my children to create. Not until those children were nearly grown did I come unequivocally to the need to make art myself.”

In late 2006 Diane began making collages that started her on her current path; in late 2007 she left her consulting job to focus on her artwork full-time. She has studied with Bruce Dorfman at the Art Students League in New York, and has had solo exhibits including those at the Hampden Gallery Incubator Project Space at U Mass Amherst in 2015, Cambridge Health Associates in Cambridge, MA in 2012, and at the Living Room Gallery at Saint Peter’s Church in Manhattan in 2010, as well as pieces in group exhibits in New York City and elsewhere in the United States. One of her drawings is included in The Visual Language of Drawing (McElhinney, J. ed., Sterling Publishing 2012). In 2013 she won the Allied Artists of America award at the Butler Institute of American Art.

Diane Englander. Orange on Red With Line. Mixed media on paper 6x6 inches.

Diane Englander. Orange on Red With Line. Mixed media on paper 6×6 inches.

Diane Englander. Almost Circle on Red. Mixed media on paper. 6x6 inches.

Diane Englander. Almost Circle on Red. Mixed media on paper. 6×6 inches.

“My work searches for the place between discord and tranquility, for the spot with a charged harmony that energizes as it also provides refuge. That search means I have to attack the prettiness of the initial painted surface, avoid balance, court darkness or stridency, invest a piece with conflict. Most recently my efforts, which began with collaged surfaces only subtly alluding to three dimensions, have begun to move more firmly into space. Both with knife slashes to the surface and with more prominent attached layers or folds projecting forward, as well as with unambiguously three-dimensional materials, I am reaching into your space as another way to create movement and energy. As for the largely intuitive process, the material in front of me—papers, cloth, pieces of wood–influences my direction, as does inspiration from the world that we don’t call art: a wall, a landscape, a window shade transfused with light, a stretch of sand and shadow. (And of course echoes from other artists, Burri, Vicente, Tapies, Motherwell, Rauschenberg, medieval cloisonné, Cycladic figures, Vermeer, Manet, Breughel, Nicholson, Scott, Blow, and many, many more.)After the crude line or slash or ripping that militates against utter tranquility, the piece is done, occasionally the same day, sometimes weeks later, sometimes never (and then maybe its remnants become a new jumping off place) when there’s harmony despite friction, a calm energized by tension.” DE

Diane Englander. Orange With Circles. Mixed media on paper. 6x6 inches.

Diane Englander. Orange With Circles. Mixed media on paper. 6×6 inches.

Diane Englander. Untitled. Mixed media on paper. 6x6 inches.

Diane Englander. Untitled. Mixed media on paper. 6×6 inches.

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Family Ties: Brooklyn/Dallas. Mostly Brooklyn Artists Commune with mostly Dallas Artists


Family Ties
Brooklyn | Dallas
mostly Brooklyn Artists Commune with mostly Dallas Artists
curated by
Bonny Leibowitz | Julie Torres

500X Gallery
opening reception
Saturday, April 11th 7:00pm – 10:00pm
exhibition continues through May 3rd
On view Saturdays & Sundays, Noon to 5 p.m. Weekdays by appointment

Brooklyn-based painter Julie Torres and artist Bonny Leibowitz of Dallas, TX have partnered to co-curate a unique exhibition of 80+ artists from Brooklyn, 40+ local Dallas artists and several like-minded artists from around the country, in “Family Ties.”

Torres’ recent “Family Style” exhibitions in NYC are the inspiration for this community-expanding project. Leibowitz and Torres share an affinity for the participating artists’ exciting work and for collaboratively organized exhibits.
“Family Ties” celebrates the limitless potential of artists supporting artists.

Julie Torres is a painter and arts organizer in NYC and will be in attendance for the opening.
Bonny Leibowitz is an artist and “Family Ties” co-curator living in Dallas

Family Ties artists:

Albert Weaver, Alex Paik, Alexis Granwell, Ann Glazer, Anne Russinof, Ashley Garrett, Austin Thomas, Bailey K Chapman, Barbara Laube, Becky Yazdan, Ben Pritchard, Ben Terry, Bonny Leibowitz, Brett Dyer, Brian Edmonds, Caetlynn Booth, Cande Aguilar, Cecilia Salama, Chance Dunlap, Christina Tenaglia, Christopher Moss, Christopher Rose, Claudia Tienan, Daniel John Gadd, David Michael Connolly, David T Miller, Deanna Wood, Douglas Florian, Elizabeth Gourlay, Elizabeth Riley, Ellen Letcher, Emily Berger, Enrico Gomez, Eric Mavko, Erica Stephens, Fran Holstrom, Fran O’Neill, Fred Gutzeit, Georgia Elrod, Ginny Casey, Giovanni Valderas, Gwendolyn Plunkett, Helen O’Leary, James Prez, Jamie Powell, Jason Rohlf, Jay Henderson, Jeanne Neal, Jeff Parrott, Jennifer Shepard, Jenny Leigh Jones, Jill Vasileff, Joan Mellon, John Kesling, Jonathan Cowan, Julia L Trinh, Julia Schwartz, Julie Alexander, Julie S. Graham, Julon Pinkston, Justine Frischmann, Karen Schifano, Karl Bielik, Karla Areli, Katherine Mojzsis, Kevin Andrew Curran, Kristen Biles, Ky Anderson, Kyle Gallup, Lael Marshall, Lauren Collings, Leeza Meksin, Leslie Kerby, Levi Haske Liz Ainslie, Liz Atzberger, MaDora Frey, Maria Britton, Marian Brunn Smith, Mary Judge, Matthew Neil Gehring, Maxwell Stevens, Mayra Barraza, Meg Atkinson, Melissa Capasso, Melissa Staiger, Michael Frank Blair, Nancy Ferro, Paul Behnke, Peggy Epner, Phillip J. Mellen, Polly Shindler, Rachael Gorchov, RE Cox, Rebecca Litt, Rebecca Murtaugh, Roberto Munguia, Ryan Goolsby, Ryan Michael Ford, Sally Warren, Sean Montgomery, Stephen B. MacInnis, Suhee Wooh, Susan Carr, Susan Cheal, Teresa Ekasala, Todd Camplin, Vicki Owen, Vicki Sher, Wendy Klemperer, Will Hutnick, William Crump, William Eckhardt Kohler, William Lawler, Zak Vreeland

500X Gallery
500 Exposition Ave.
Dallas TX. 75226

Bonny Leibowitz