The Name Game. A Painting In Need Of A Name.

This is one of my weekly paintings that is almost done. The only thing I’m going to do is work on the edges, and even that will probably just be yellow paint. But what it really needs is a title, and to get the title I’m going to ask you to play a game.

The rules are. Randomly pick up an album or Cd of music and tell me the title of track 3. Just enter the results in the comment section and let me know what album it’s from. The one I like best will be the title.

18 thoughts on “The Name Game. A Painting In Need Of A Name.

  1. Track 3. No, seriously. I guess iTunes couldn’t get the song info for this track?

    Okay for an actual CD- “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg” by Wagner. Specifically I think it’s a segment of the opera called “Wake Up!” if I’m reading this right.


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