From my shelf. The Horse’s Mouth.


One of my favourite things on Facebook recently were the posts called Shelfies ( shelvies). They are photos of peoples bookshelves, and I really enjoyed trying to see what reading habits many of my friends have.

There are many books on my shelves that I hope to someday reread and this is one of them. It’s probably 25 years since I read The Horse’s Mouth by Joyce Cary, and that’s been too long.

The Horse’s Mouth is a 1944 novel by Joyce Cary, the third in his First Trilogy, whose first two books are Herself Surprised (1941) and To Be A Pilgrim (1942). The Horse’s Mouth follows the adventures of Gulley Jimson, an artist who would exploit his friends and acquaintances to earn a quid, told from his point of view, just as the other books in the First Trilogy tell events from their central characters’ different points of view. Cary’s novel also uses Gulley’s unique perspective to comment on the social and political events of the time.